Greater NYC UX Design Lead at JPMorgan Chase, Medidata, Fidelity, Atmosphere Proximity [BBDO], H4B Chelsea [Havas Health] & Razorfish

Special Interest in AI and machine learning, model visualizations & interfaces (UX designer for JPMC 2019 data science hackathon team, a group I later joined permanently), as well as data-driven, dynamic designs and dashboard analytics displays.

Driven toward innovation through 12 years of NYC industry research projects.

Ph.D. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in HCI & technical communication with 15 years university teaching experience in state universities and engineering schools.

I’m an engaging team leader, speaker, and coach who conducts actionable Design Thinking workshops, user research & usability testing. I create and execute strategic design and research plans targeted to different stages of product lifecycles.

I spent six and a half years (promoted twice) at one of the original NYC digital agencies, Razorfish, on a range of large and complex projects in user experience design, project planning and team leadership: brainstorming, concepting, sketching, wireframing, prototyping, user testing and research analysis, as well as managing the client-facing role with multiple stakeholder constituencies through on-site contacts, presentations, and walk-throughs.

I’m an interactive media experimenter, researcher and big data/social graph theorist, studying social media platforms and online communities.

I was a longtime blog designer, author, and community manager. My web domains at one time included about 35 individual and group sites (12 were literary and personal publishing projects going back to early 2000s).

I’m also an award-winning teacher, trainer and public speaker, applying innovative tools and inspirational approaches to computer-assisted teaching and learning since 1990.

I have advanced writing, speaking and team-building skills, as a published and award-winning photographer, poet, fiction & literary non-fiction writer in short and long form media genres: technical writing, journalism, PR, blogging, literary and scholarly books and journals.