Greater NYC UX Design & Research Lead at JPMorgan Chase, Medidata, Fidelity, Atmosphere Proximity [BBDO], H4B Chelsea [Havas Health] & Razorfish

Special Interest in AI and machine learning, model visualizations & interfaces (UX designer for JPMC 2019 data science hackathon team), as well as data-driven, dynamic designs and dashboard analytics displays

Driven toward innovation through 15 years of NYC industry design & research projects. Ph.D. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in HCI & technical communication with 15 years university teaching experience in engineering schools.

I’m an engaging team leader, speaker, and coach who conducts actionable Design Thinking workshops, user research & usability testing. I create and execute strategic design and research plans targeted to different stages of product lifecycles.

I’m also an award-winning teacher, trainer and public speaker, applying innovative tools and inspirational approaches to computer-assisted teaching and learning since the 1990s.

I have advanced writing, speaking and team-building skills, as a published and award-winning photographer, poet, fiction & literary non-fiction writer in short and long form media genres: technical writing, journalism, PR, blogging, literary and scholarly books and journals.