1. Senior Information Architect


    Jeffrey Yam
    i draw boxes

    I am always envious of how astute Chris can be. Given any situation or problem, she can quickly find an angle and express her perspective on a solution. This makes Chris a wonderful ally. I know for certain that whenever I am stumped, I can count on Chris to challenge my assumptions with her honesty and perceptiveness. She helps myself find reason and certainty behind my…more

    May 16, 2013, Jeffrey worked directly with Chris at Razorfish

  2. Information Architect


    Marisa Gallagher
    Marisa Gallagher
    Vice President, Design at CNN

    Had the wonderful pleasure to work with Chris on a big redesign of a major sports news site and she was instrumental to the project’s eventual success and launch. She worked to translate the design work into something the development team could very easily take, run with, and most importantly build! What’s more, her clear, comprehensive, and expert analysis and…more

    September 1, 2010, Marisa managed Chris indirectly at Razorfish

    Tathagata Samanta
    Experience Design Director at R/GA

    Chris is an outstanding IA. She has concurrent strengths in creative thinking and conceptualization. Her knowledge in the field of journalism and social networking was always a plus to the team. I had worked with her in challenging times and she was always a cool performer. In addition she has an awesome attitude, fun to work with and very reliable.

    June 18, 2010, Tathagata worked directly with Chris at Razorfish

    Richard Manso
    Richard Manso
    Asst. Vice President, Interactive Marketing / E-Business at LancĂ´me

    Chris is a delight to work with not only because of her witty personality, but because of the passion that she has for her work. Chris combines her background in education with her in-depth knowledge of the digital arena to offer a different element of IA creativity to the projects she works on. As a former functional analyst, Chris is not afraid to dig into back-end…more

    March 8, 2010, Richard managed Chris at Razorfish

  3. Writer

    CNN Headline News

    Herb Sierra
    Principal at Suite Seven Productions

    Chris was more than just a writer at CNN Headline News. She was (is)a journalist with a high degree of integrity and very skillful at writing stories in an introspective and meaningful way. News writing in mainstream media has become more formulaic but despite this trend, Chris always managed to combine relevance, timeliness and balance into her news stories while avoiding…more

    October 1, 2007, Herb managed Chris at CNN Headline News

    Art Harris
    Art Harris
    Investigative Journalist-Media consultant, CBS Swift Justice

    Chris is a brilliant innovator, creative and fearless in translating–and helping others translate — creative ideas into online solutions — and is able to motivate partners and colleagues with her passion and positive energy.

    June 18, 2007, Art was with another company when working with Chris at CNN Headline News

    Al Matthews
    Al Matthews
    Programmer at AUC Robert W. Woodruff Library

    Chris generates complex or simple ideas with great rapidity, and can explain either sort equally well. Anxious to flatten barriers between the verbal and the visual, she deserves an employer unafraid to raise the bar.

    May 14, 2005, Al worked directly with Chris at CNN Headline News

  4. T. Anthony Pollner Distinguished Professor

    School of Journalism, University of Montana

    Scott Poniewaz
    Scott Poniewaz
    Director at FoundersCard

    Chris’s eye for the future of technology and innovation was a welcome addition to the University of Montana and the Montana Kaimin while I was there. She and I worked closely to overhaul our archaic student paper’s web presence and pushed myself and our team to learn new technologies, and implement them in the redesign of the website. We ended up being one of the first…more

    June 27, 2013, Scott worked indirectly for Chris at School of Journalism, University of Montana

    Prageeta Sharma
    Prageeta Sharma
    Associate Professor

    Chris Boese is a talented and an extraordinary individual. She was a guest speaker in my fall 2005 graduate poetry workshop. She spoke eloquently and extensively about the intersection of poetry and media/web projects. Our students were captivated by her knowledge, charisma, and wit. Her presentation was a collection of resources our students were thrilled to encounter;…more

    September 30, 2007, Prageeta worked with Chris at School of Journalism, University of Montana

  5. Assistant Professor

    Clemson University

    Bernadette Longo
    Bernadette Longo
    Associate Professor, Department of Humanities at NJIT

    Chris is a creative professor who eagerly forges into unknown territory, motivating her students to follow along and learn from the experience. She’s a motivational teacher and a great colleague. Her current work with blogs is a natural extension of her work with new media. I have known Chris since we were both graduate students at RPI. She was an innovator then and…more

    May 31, 2005, Bernadette worked directly with Chris at Clemson University

  6. Tenure-track Instructor

    Valdosta State University

    Lisa Dickert Flournoy
    Lisa Dickert Flournoy
    Director of Development at Aucilla Christian Academy

    Chris Boese is an excellent teacher who ignites in her students the spirit and passion of journalism, imparting to them her vast knowledge of the trade and enabling them to land successful careers in journalism.

    April 19, 2007, Lisa was with another company when working with Chris at Valdosta State University