Who I’ve Been

 I’m skilled at zeroing in on the honest expression of USER NEEDS with multiple research methods and collaborative design thinking workshops and design sprints.

With my academic background in human-computer interaction, I bring to any enterprise a RICH PORTFOLIO OF PAST EXPERIENCES with dashboard analytics, workflow wizards, and enterprise content management.

Who I've Been - by Roles

I LOVE DISCOVERING simplified ways to navigate and use these complex systems, data sets, and process flows. And I am obsessed with the bleeding edge of technical innovation.

What does Strategic UX Design & Research Leadership look like?

1. Design Maturity It looks at the level of product and design maturity within an organization, and chooses a path forward based on what is possible, reasonable, tactical and strategic. . .

2. Experienced UX Staffing — . . . factored against the number of experienced UX leads within a organization who can mentor and review the baseline quality of junior designers, and initiate and guide stakeholders through a Double Diamond design process, rather than reacting to feature requests or usability fires.

Double Diamond UX Process

3. Tactical Quick Wins — It zeros in on key points of research or design intervention that have the greatest potential to “move the needle” in terms of quick wins and low-hanging fruit.

4. Strategic Long Term Vision — Senior strategic vision and leadership is essential for complex problems, systems-level thinking that precedes Agile chunking, smart CMS publishing models, dynamic AI and data-driven approaches, multi-level platform integrations and redesigns.

I get excited about . . .

  • Incorporating AI and machine learning into a more powerful, dynamic, and conversational UX
  • Exploiting semantic markup and triggers into just-in-time dynamic displays and messaging
  • Integrating CMS-driven design templates with data and analytics dashboard publishing