Clemson Public Service Activities 1998-2001 Web Redesign, Usability Test Plan and Study

Director, PSA Interactive Resources Studio

(Sponsored Research, Web Consultant, Project, Team, and Research Manager)

(1998 to 2001) Clemson University Public Service Activities. Created interface research and testing division with 4 graduate assistants and 2 undergraduate programmers.

Built multimedia studio. Planned and implemented redesign of the PSA web site to test interface design theory (M.A.S.S). Directed team of web consultant RAs for stakeholders under the land grant university’s public service commitment.

Directed site test usability study and one RA’s (Katlin Beck) master’s project, a formal, video-data-coded usability study under an STC grant, and the team applied same methods to a formal PSA usability study.

Studio teaching of graduate and undergraduate students in interaction architecture and web consulting. About $100,000 funded over 3 years.